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Charity Work


If you've been into our showroom you'll see we have literally hundreds of fabric sample books featuring all the latest designs and styles as well as traditional timeless fabrics.
Each season all of our suppliers design and release new collections for us to purchase and display in our showroom.
Some of the older collections get discontinued to make way for the new. 
We have been asked by many organisations to to donate these books but we decided a few years ago to exclusively support one special lady and one exceptionally good cause.
Working within the mental health section of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS trust Ellie Brown is that special lady. She gives up her time and extensive knowledge and skill to turn our books into therapy for patients as well as creating something both beautiful and functional. The patients take our books and using the fabric make an enormous variety of products from greetings cards, dolls, toys, glasses and phone cases, everlasting chocolates all of which are either given as presents by the patients to their friends and family or are sold on craft stalls and sales to raise much needed funds for the unit.
The skills learned by the patients and the sense of achievement gained when you've made something is invaluable and it couldn't be done without Ellie and her team.

"We just couldn't provide this kind of therapy for our patients without the continuing and ongoing support of Creative Curtains, the fabrics they provide are amazing. They are such high quality it's a real pleasure to work with this standard of material. there is no way we could ever afford such variety and volume and I am so grateful for their ongoing support and fabulous contribution, the whole enterprise relies on the generosity of the girls at Creative Curtains and Interiors - a heartfelt thank you " Ellie

For more information about Ellie and the work she does please contact