Hallwright poles bring together the functionality of exquisitely engineered bespoke metal poles and stylish form, with colour palettes that will sit beautifully along side any interior. We pride ourselves on using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship, to create our hand made three bracket bay poles and two bracket bi-fold door poles. Our poles are available in a variety of diameters and a wide range of colours to complement any scheme in your home. All of our bespoke curtain poles are also available as double pole systems. This gives privacy and light filtering with sheer curtains hung on the back pole, whilst also housing the curtains on the front.

As the Hallwright pole is completely bespoke, it allows us to cater for the most difficult of windows, giving us flexibility above other pole ranges.

HallWright 3 Bracket Bay pole

To create an effortless draw the Hallwright three bracket bay pole is crafted with smooth radius bends to match the angles of your window.
Unlike most other bay poles, the Hallwright pole and brackets have been revolutionarily engineered to do away with the
'passing bracket and C ring' configuration. These brackets are patent protected. Having three brackets allows an effortless glide around
the bay without any snagging or rings getting caught along the way.
As well as doing two, four or 6 angled bay poles the 3 bracket bay pole system is also suitable for a curved bay window.


HallWright bi-fold door pole

The two bracket bi-fold door pole is unique in that we are able to provide a pole in one piece up to 5 metres in length with only two brackets.
This allows you to have a single curtain stacked to one side if your stacking space is limited for a pair.

Hallwright Eyelet Bay Pole

The three bracket bay pole is unique in that we are able to provide a pole that only requires 3 brackets making it suitable for eyelet curtains.





Bay Window Curtain Pole

Bi-Fold Window Pole

Bi Fold Pole

Bi Fold Pole

Double Bi-Fold Pole

HallWright Poles - Bay window

HallWright Bay Pole

HallWright Deep Bay Window

Please see further photographic examples in our gallery.

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